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  • WAKESPEED WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator

    $559.95 $489.95
    Include: Battery Brand/Model/Ah Capacity. BMS Brand/Model, Alternator Brand/Model


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    WARNING: The WS500 is extremely feature filled and this regulator requires expert installation. If you are at all uncomfortable with the installation of this regulator please hire a professional. Please see the links below before ordering:

    WS500 Data Sheet (LINK)

    WS500 Quick Start Guide (LINK)

    WS500 Installation & Owners Manual (LINK)

    The Wakespeed WS500:

    The notion of using current, as well as voltage to regulate charging has always been the holy grail for intelligent battery charging. With Wakespeed Offshore’s new WS500 Advanced alternator regulator we now have this ability.

    In a remarkable departure from standard voltage controlled multi-stage regulators, the WS500 uses a unique approach to charge control & regulation by measuring and using multiple data points.

    #1 Battery Voltage
    #2 Current In
    #3 Current Out
    #4 Battery Temperature
    #5 Alternator Temperature

    Of the above list numbers 2 & 3 are an entirely new way of alternator regulation. All these measured points of data come together to create a smarter approach to battery charging. The WS500 is highly configurable and enabled to communicate via J1939 CAN protocol as well.

    The WS500 provides superior charging efficiency, and the ability to address the specific needs of newer battery technologies such as LiFePO4 or other Li-Ion chemistries. The WS500 is perfect for RV or marine applications and one regulator model auto-adjusts for 12V, 24V and 48V systems. The WS500 also allows advanced user-configuration for system voltages in between.

    The WS500 can be easily configured to most popular battery types: standard and high-density AGM, standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, carbon foam and TPPL via an internal switch. Two custom presets, one of which is already configured for a LiFeP04 battery profile, can be configured to battery manufacturers recommendations or by an OEM installer to deliver optimized charging for specific applications. Advanced configuration via PC provides adjustment to more than 100 charging modes. In short the WS500 is the most advanced alternator regulator in existence today.

    IMPORTANT: In order to utilize current-controlled charging the WS500 requires an additional shunt.  The shunts is not part of the standard equipment package but can be ordered using the drop down button.

    Exclusive features of the WS500 include:

    • Adaptive Idle Technology™ minimizes impact of the alternator on smaller
          engines by controlling alternator loads based on engine RPM
    • Zero Output Technology™ enables the regulator to limit output to loads
          when batteries require discontinued charging.
    • Multiple Alternator Support, without need for relays or switching devices.
    • Full BMS Compatibility using RV-C and OSEnergy protocols 
    • Current & voltage controlled stage transitions
    • Current & voltage controlled end charge point for LiFePO4