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  • Wakespeed WS100 External Alternator Voltage Regulator

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    The new WS100 external voltage regulator is simplicity at its finest. The Wakespeed WS100, through 5-31-2021, comes fully equipped with both the battery temp sensor and the alternator temp sensor making this the absolute best value in a very simple external voltage regulator.

    Programming is super-simple. Just select the program number that matches your battery type. That’s it.  The WS100 is not custom programmable so please see image #3 to see if the settings will work with your batteries.

    The WS100 also provides a simple, easy-to-use control for governing maximum regulator output — so you can select the power level that’s best matched to your engine, alternator belt and batteries. Power levels can be adjusted in four field percentages: 100%, 90%, 75% and 50%. Selecting field percentage is as simple as turning the adjustment knob until your desired power level is indicated.

    When used with the standard alternator and battery temperature sensors, the WS100 12V can automatically monitor temperatures and modify charging voltages to optimize charging safety and alternator service life. The WS100 12V is designed for use with externally-regulated P-type, 12-volt alternators. For more information or to see a copy of the WS100 installation and user's manual, visit the Wakespeed Technical page.

    The Wakespeed® Offshore WS100 12V voltage regulator is proudly made in the U.S.A. and features an industry-leading two-year limited warranty.