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  • Victron Orion Tr Smart 12V 30A DC to DC Battery Charger -Isolated

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    The Orion Tr Smart "Isolated" is a brand new offering from Victron Energy and it is finally here.

    Please do not confuse the Orion Tr with the Orion Tr Smart they are totally different products. Unfortunately Victron has made this quite confusing for many buyers. The Orion-Tr Smart is a full multi-stage DC to DC or Battery to Battery charger. Make no mistake the Orion TR Smart is a work horse of a DC to DC three-stage charger with built-in Bluetooth and the ability to be custom programmed. It is also air cooled and has no fan noise.

    Where the Orion TR Smart really shines in in its ease of use and ease of installation. Because it can be programmed via Bluetooth, gone are the clunky & awkward button pushes and waiting for the right lights to blink, then hoping you got it right. Unlike other DC to DC chargers, the Orion TR Smart is output rated not input rated. This means Orion TR Smart 12V 30A model actually delivers the full 30A to your battery bank!

    True DC to DC Isolation Charging:

    The Orion TR Smart Isolated is very handy for bow banks, stern banks etc. where you don't want nor need to physically wire a common negative of the target bank back to the source bank. This means the Orion TR Smart Isolated can charge a bank that is not connected to the main DC negative ships bus. The Orion TR Smart Isolated is the first and only DC to DC charger that offers a true isolation between input and output.

    Bluetooth Smart Enabled:

    Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or other device can be used to monitor, thange settings or to update the charger when new software features become available. Please see the VictronConnect manual for more information and certain device limitations.

    Fully Programmable:

    • Battery charge algorithm (configurable) or fixed "power supply" output.
    • "Smart" alternator-compatible with an adjustable engine running detection mechanism.

    Adaptive 3-Stage Charge Algorithm: Bulk, Absorption & Float

    • For Pb batteries it is important that during shallow discharges the absorption time is kept short to prevent overcharging of the battery. After a deep discharge the absorption time is automatically increased to make sure that the battery is completely recharged.
    • For LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries the absorption time is fixed (or adjustable) with a default time of 2 hours.
    • If desired, a fixed output voltage can be selected by using "power supply mode" instead of the 3-stage charging algorithm.

    Remote On-Off:

    • A remote on/off switch or relay contact can be connected to a two-pole connector for full control and zero quiescent draw when not in use.

    Short-Circuit Proof:
    • All models are short-circuit proof and an unlimited number of units can be connected in parallel to a single battery bank to increase output current.

    High Temperature Protected:

    • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40C (104) at full output; units will automatically derate to stay cool up to a maximum ambient temperature of 55C (131F).

    IP43 Rated:

    • When installed with the screw terminals oriented downward.

    Industry-Leading Warranty:

    • Like most all products from Victron Energy the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger is protected by a full 5-year manufacturer's warranty.