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**Testing Sample** 6 Ton Battery Lug Crimp Tool

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This was a tool we imported for testing and the dies did not ship as promised. We wanted to import this tool because it is a mechanical crimp, and not hydraulic, with seals to leak and slow pumping. The manufacturer assured us they would ship it with AWG dies, they were supposed to be AWG, and they shipped metric, then played dumb. So goes dealing directly with Taiwan. Obviously for us to sell this tool to our customers it needed AWG dies. These dies can be used to crimp AWG lugs but you just need to figure out which dies work with which lugs on your own.

  • Hexagonal Crimp Dies
  • Mechanical Crimp Force: 6 Ton
  • MCM Die Sizes:10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300mm2

It cost us $110.00 just in shipping to get it here alone. We are blowing it out at below what we paid for it. Flat rate shipping to continental USA of $20.00