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Sterling Power ProReg-DW Waterproof Performance Voltage Regulator

$278.00 $256.30

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The Pro Reg DW works with all 12V & 24V P or N type externally regulated alternators. The Pro Reg DW can drive the field of alternators up to 400 Amps and is IP67 rated for water ingress protection. While not user adjustable beyond the four pre-sets below, if you fit into one of those pre-sets, the ProReg DW is a tremendous value in an external regulator.

NOTE: These regulators make an excellent "spare/emergency" regulator at decent price. Please be aware that these regulators have no way to limit alternator current to match your belts capabilities or to prevent an alternator from bouncing off high-temp continually. When alternator temp is exceeded this regulator bounces between 100% and 0% and many customers complain about this. While it is an external regulator it is not one we typically recommend as your primary regulator.

For a much more advanced "budget level regulator" please consider the Wakespeed WS100

Four Battery Chemistry Settings (double voltages below for 24V use):
  • Flooded / Open Lead Acid - 14.8V Absorption & 13.65V Float
  • Sealed Lead Acid / AGM - 14.4V Absorption & 13.8V Float
  • Sealed Lead Acid / GEL / AGM - 14.4V Absorption & 13.65V Float
  • GEL & AGM USA - 14.1V Absorption & 13.5V Float

The ProReg DW Includes both a battery and an alternator temp sensor as standard equipment.