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Sterling Power ProReg-D External Performance Voltage Regulator

$250.00 $212.50

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We currently have a few of these Sterling Power external voltage regulators at a this special price. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRICE. These units are brand new, never opened and are current production.

Sterling Power ProReg-D Advanced Alternator Regulator

  • -Sterling Power Advanced Alternator Regulators allow you to change the standard output of your alternator into a four step charge profile.
  • Four Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by fully charging and conditioning your batteries, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.
  • Advanced 4 step charging algorithm provides a charging rate that recovers your batteries up to five times faster than from a standard alternator.
  • 12 or 24 volt capability from the Pro Reg-D Advanced Alternator Regulator. 
  • Unlike other Advanced Regulator packages on the market our advanced regulators will work with your existing engine alternator. You don’t have to buy a new alternator as part of the installation. No pulley changing, no new bracket building.
  • Four different battery charging profiles are selectable: Open lead acid, closed lead acid, AGM and GEL.
  • Will work with 1both positive or negative field drives
  • Includes a battery temperature sensor to provide battery temperature compensation.
  • Includes an Alternator Temperature sensor to monitor the alternators temperature.
  • The ProReg-D model has an optional remote that you may purchase as an option.

-Includes wire harness.