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  • Sterling Power ProLatch-R Combining Relay

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    The Sterling Power ProLatch-R is not a conventional automatic combining relay. It has two primary features - low power draw and programability. It is ideal for use with low wattage solar arrays because it draws almost no power when closed.

    The ProLatch-R comes in three sizes to match a wide variety of charging systems; 80A, 160A and 240A

    Low Power Draw - Conventional combining relays, also known as VSR's (voltage sensing relays), Combiners, ACR's (automatic combining relays) etc. consume some power to remain closed. This is insignificant when using a 70A alternator, but can take a big bite out of a small solar panel's output. The ProLatch-R is designed to lock into position (latch) and will not consume power by staying-on / being closed. The only current drawn is to run the internal software which amounts to about 0.5mA which makes them very, very efficient.. This makes the ProLatch-R ideal for use with small solar arrays or wind power, where every little bit counts.

    Programability - The ProLatch R can be set to trigger the 'on' and 'off' points at varying voltages according to the user's needs. 'On' voltages can be set from 10.7V - 14.8V and the 'off' voltages from 10.4V - 14.5V. There are also factory preset voltage trigger points which are suitable for 95% of applications. An optional remote control is available which displays input and output voltages along with a selection of alarms.


    Charging mode - Uni & Bidirectional - When the ProLatch-R is installed between 2 batteries (e.g. engine starter and auxiliary) it works as a bidirectional voltage sensitive relay (i.e. The trigger voltage on the input or output will activate the relay). The ProLatch-R will latch when the alternator is active allowing current to flow from the starter to the auxiliary via the ProLatch-R. In contrast, if there is a solar cell / wind gen / other charging source on the auxiliary battery bank it will also activate the relay and allow charge to flow to the starter battery. The unidirectional setting triggers the activation of the relay by the voltage on the input stud only.

    Battery Protection Mode - The ProLatch-R prevents the over charging or over discharging of batteries. In order to prevent over charging, the relay disengages at a preset voltage or a voltage you specify (e.g. 14.4V). Therefore the battery will disconnect from the charging source. Conversely, to prevent battery depletion beyond a certain voltage, the relay will prevent charge from being drawn by the draining source (appliance). The device alerts the user by switching the power 'off' for 10 seconds and then back 'on' for 1 minute..

    Works With All Charge Sources - The ProLatch-R is compatible with all your on-board charging sources including; wind, solar, hydro generators, AC battery chargers, inverter/chargers, alternators and hydrogen fuel cells.