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  • Sterling Power Pro Chage B - Battery to Battery Smart Charger

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    The Sterling Power DC to DC battery chargers take battery to battery charging, or "Echo Charging",  to a whole new level. The Sterling Power Pro Charge B's are fully independent buck (drop voltage) or boost (increase voltage) 12V battery chargers. This means the voltage input battery, most often the house bank, can be programmed for it's own optimal charging voltage and the Sterling Pro Charge B can then send the Start/AUX/Windlass battery either a higher or lower voltage than the house bank requires.

    Imagine you have a 600Ah GEL house bank that needs to be charged at 14.1V and a Odyssey TPPL AGM start battery that needs 14.7V. The Sterling Pro Charge B can do this! It can take an input voltage of as little as 13.3V and boost the output to 15.1V depending upon the charge voltages chosen.

    The BBW1212 is capable of 25A for approx 30 minutes and thereafter 18A. The BBW1212 is perfect for charging a starting, reserve battery or a windlass bank with fully independent smart charging, not just voltage following of the house bank..

    The Sterling Pro Charge B is not just a simple "voltage follower", like the Xantrex Echo Charger, it's a true smart battery charger that charges from one 12V battery bank to another 12V battery bank. The Pro Charge B model BBW1212 is also 100% waterproof!

    Sterling battery to battery chargers are ideal for charging windlass banks too.


    • Enables fast, effective & correct charging of a starting or AUX battery from your house bank
    • Pre-wired for easy installation – simply install between house bank (input) and a Start/AUX/Windlass battery (output)
    • Automatically smart charges and conditions batteries with built-in safe maintenance mode
    • Can float the Start/AUX/Windlass battery independently from the house bank
    • 100% epoxy-filled molded housing is shockproof, fully waterproof and saltwater tested to IP68
    • Reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection
    • At-a-glance charge status and LED power indicators
    • Manual (key on) or automatic (voltage sensed) activation


    • Sterling Power Model No. BBW1212
    • Battery Types: Flooded, GEL, AGM, TPPL AGM
    • Battery Bank Outputs: 1
    • Output Voltage: 12V Nominal
    • Input Voltage: 13.3 - 15 Volt DC
    • Output Current: 25A for 30 minutes > 18A Thereafter
    • Automatic Turn On: 13.3V
    • Manual Turn On: Ignition Switch or Manual Toggle Switch
    • Full Rated Output At: 13.5V Input Voltage
    • Dimensions: 9" L x 5-1/8" W x 2" D