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  • Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module 12V to 24V 30A

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    Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module:

    The Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module is a battery charger option for the ProCharge Ultra or any other charger less than 60A. This unique and only one of its kind, Battery Chemistry Module, allows multiple chemistries such as AGM, GEL, Lithium, Flooded, Carbon Foam or TPPL AGM to be charged from one multi-output battery charger simultaneously.

    For example the BCM is ideal if you have a GEL house bank that requires 14.1V and a TPPL AGM thruster or bow bank that requires a 14.7V absorption charge. The BCM takes it's feed from one leg of the charger and can fully and independently charge another bank using a totally different charge profile.

    The BCM 1224 is a 12v input to 24v output unit capable of up to 30A at 24V in output current. This unit essentially turns your existing house bank 12V battery charger into a 24V bow bank charger. It can be used with any 12V multi-output charger rated at up to 60A in output, and will result in an output of up to 30A for the 24V bank and can use any battery charge profile you desire.

    Product Information:

    • Easy installation, break the charge cable and insert the unit w/ negative cable
    • IP67 Rated & suitable for use in damper locations such as a bow bank
    • Can convert any single stage charger/power supply into a multiple chemistry charger
    • 12V to 24V, 24V to 12V, 24V to 24V and 12V to 12V models avaible
    • Retro fit with any 12V existing charger with up to a 60A output
    • 9 selectable battery chemistries - FLA, SLA, AGM, GEL, Calcium, LiFePO4
    • Includes battery temperature sensor (charge voltage modulates with battery temperature)
    • Remote battery sense for each module
    • 6 LED charge and warning information LEDs
    • Fail safe, reverts to basic charge function in event of a failure
    • High battery temperature trip. Every battery can be monitored and unit’s voltage reduced in the event of battery temperature problems on any battery
    • Requires a charger with live voltage on terminals to activate the BCM unit