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  • Sterling Power 3A DC to DC Echo Charger

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    Sterling Power 12V 3A DC to DC Charger/Maintainer

    Looking for a way to keep that cranking battery charged from the house bank? This DC to DC maintainer is simplicity at its finest. It is wired between the house and start bank and can provide up to 3A of charge current to keep your start battery charged. This DC to DC maintainer simply follows or "echo's" the voltage of the house bank and passes through the voltage at which the house bank is being regulated. In other words;

    House bank in absorption = start battery at absorption

    House bank in float = start bank at float

    Turn ON Voltage = 13.3V (Measured at House Bank)
    Turn OFF Voltage = 12.9V (Measured at House Bank)
    Quiescent Current Consumption = 1.5 mA (perfect for low current solar systems)