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DIY-MC4 - Solar MC4 Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool

$36.95 $28.95


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This is a blow out price for this particular tool. I imported 136 of this solar MC4 crimp tool, to tide me over until the custom MC4 die I ordered was ready. The next week my manufacturer delivered the custom die I ordered for the CMI PRO-MODULAR crimp tool. They had told me tooling, set up manufacturing & delivery on the MC4 die, for the PRO-MODULAR frame would be six months and they delivered it in two months.

The crimp frame of this tool and the die are actually pretty darn good and this represents a tremendous value in die and tool.

This is still a decent tool for a very good price that has been tested to make known good crimps.

Get them while they are on sale!!