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NEW PRODUCT - After nearly three years of testing, 74 tools in total, both domestic & imported, I have finally developed an excellent quality controlled cycle ratcheting double-crimp frame with multiple modular die sets offered to fit this frame. The dies in this tool are as close to the AMP or Molex level tools as you'll find without jumping up $200.00 in price. Even at this price this tool beats tools costing 10X as much in crimp pull testing.

In testing of double crimp AMP PIDG terminals terminals this tool far exceeds all the available crimp pull standards, including the most stringent such as NASA, UL and MIL-T-7928 crimp pull standards.

The machining and tolerances are excellent and this tool represents a tremendous value in modular crimping tool. I make a small margin, for the web site, on this tool and pass it onto my readers at a very competitive price. Every little bit helps keep a FREE site.

The tools ships standard with a Red, Blue & Yellow double crimp die set but MC4 Solar and many others will soon be available to fit this frame.

Please don't be fooled by look-a-like knock offs, with horribly sloppy dies. They will not perform the same as this tool does. Yes, this tool is imported, at the value I desired, it has to be. This tool is made in Taiwan. You'll not find a better frame and dies for the money. The heat shrink die sets I have coming soon are fully custom OEM dies made to Compass Marines own CAD drawings. You will not be able to find these dies elsewhere.


  • Long handle for ease of crimping leverage
  • Index Finger Ratchet Release - In case you need to reorient mid crimp.
  • Adjustment Cam - For fine tuning for the various die sets
  • Hardened tool steel frame and pins and ratchet mechansim.
  • EZ-Squeeze Mechanism - Crimp mechanism that means less pressure from you in order to do the work.

Well Machined Tolerances
The crimp nests hold the terminals similarly to my $600.00 & $1200.00 AMP tools, with little to no slop.