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  • **NEW* Sterling ProCharge Ultra LITE - 30A

    $341.00 $285.00


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    Pro Charge Ultra Lite

    Multi stage | Fully Active PFC | Custom Charge Selection | 12V 30A | 2 outputs | 2 Year Warranty

    Global Voltage 80-270VAC 40-70Hz (minor power reduction when AC voltage drops below 100VAC)

    The new Pro charge Ultra Lite is aimed at the budget sensitive market giving you a 30A charger for the price of a ProCharge Ultra 20A.

    What are the differences between the Ultra and the Ultra Lite?

    1) The ProCharge Ultra is larger due to it meeting the ABYC 40 Deg C+ high ambient temperature performance standards.

    2) The Lite has an operational range in the 20 Deg C+ (a more common standard for non ABYC), thus, in a smaller body.

    3) The Lite displays less information on the front panel but still a lot more than its competitors.

    4) Although built to UL standards, including fire resistant plastics etc, the Lite is not technically UL certified.

    5) The Lite is not CEC certified, the Ultra is   

    6) The Lite has temperature compensation, however, unlike the Ultra, the sensor is optional.

    7) The Lite is lower cost, about the same price as the ProCharge Ultra 12V - 20A model

    8) Outputs: The Lite has a max of 2 outputs suitable for most operations the Ultra has 3.

    9) PCU Lite has 2 years warranty the Ultra has 5 years.

    10) The Lite is more temperature dependent and can slightly reduce output when hot.