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Leece-Neville/Motorola 8MR External Regulation Conversion Kit 114-307 (NOS)

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CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: BEFORE you purchase this kit please email us a photograph of your alternator: compassmarineservices at gmail dot com   Once we confirm your alternator is a GENUINE Leece-Neville product you will be given the OK to make the purchase.


Why all the bold warnings above? These kits no longer exists and we literally had to beg Leece-Neville to do one last production run for us. Supply is extremely limited and we need these kits to build our own alternators. Too many individuals have ignored our requests and ordered the kit even though they did not own a GENUINE Leece-Neville alternator. This has forced us to make the font and colors more obvious. If you order this kit, without sending a photo first, and your alternator is a clone, you will not be refunded the 3% interchange-fee we are charged.

How do you know if you got a clone Leece-Neville? If you bought it on-line and you paid less than about $300.00 (alternator only, no pulley, no fit kits etc.),  it is most likely a phony clone using a Leece-Neville interchange part number. Too many retailers are misleading you about what they are actually selling!

The Kit:
This is a genuine NOS (new old stock) Leece-Neville 8MR series external regulation conversion kit model number 114-307 or KIT-1070. It will fit isolated ground Leece-Neville, Motorola or Prestolite 8MR series alternators as found on many marine engines. Installation is straight forward, just follow the instructions found here.