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Leece-Neville 8MR External Regulation Conversion Kit

$69.99 $69.99


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IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT order one of these kits. As of September 1, 2017 I have been made aware that Leece-Neville has discontinued this external regulation kit. I have spoken with Leece-Neville at length about this issue and what's done is done. The external regulation kits are no more. I have a small amount of inventory left, scoured all my sources and bought what I could, but these will be used to build completed CMI-105-ER alternators only. I will be working on finding a manufacturer to build these kits for me but this could take 12 months or more. Check back in the future.

Please don't take offense at this price it is purposely to dissuade orders. I need to keep this product active to keep my google ranking.


This is a genuine Leece-Neville 8MR series external regulation conversion kit. It will fit Leece-Neville, Motorola or Prestolite 8MR series alternators as found on many marine engines. Installation is straight forward, just follow the instructions found here.