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KiloVault HLX 100Ah LiFePO4 -With Built In Bluetooth Communication

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KiloVault HLX 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery With Built In Bluetooth Communication

This is the first and only entry level priced LiFePO4 battery that we've run through our lab, taken apart, inspected and abused that we've been impressed enough with to offer these to our customers. We believe the KiloVault HLX series is the absolute best value LiFePO4 battery currently being made. The batteries have an excellent build quality and use top grade extremely well matched prismatic cells. They even have an internal anti-vibration grid structure encapsulating the cells and keeping them safe. They use high quality nickel plated copper busbars, expensive 200C silicone internal wiring (392F), self locking whiz-nuts and  they charge at "safe & sane" voltages that result in long cycle life. The internal FET BMS in these are massive only surpassed by the USA made Lithionics batteries, at more than twice the price.

The KiloVault™ HLX series of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) was specifically designed and tested for the beating that serious off-grid inverters and charging systems can throw at a battery.

TECH SUPPORT OFFERINGS: We offer two ways to purchase these batteries:

1- Internet Price - A competitive extremely low margin price where tech support questions are provided by the manufacturer.

2- Compass Marine Inc. Price - This pricing has up to one hour of *priority level tech support built into the price. If you need more than one hour this is billed at a discounted rate of $60.00 per hour not our usual $85.00 per hour. *Priority Level = emails answered in priority order M-F 8:00 A.M to 4:00 PM.

Shipping cost will be invoiced separately as it's not possible to calculate hazmat shipping via the webstore. We cannot ship the batteries until the shipping cost or taxes have been paid for. Shipping complies with all hazmat regulations. For the 100Ah KiloVault shipping typically runs $80.00 to $140.00 per battery and is dependent on your contiguous USA location. Shipping outside contiguous US is more expensive. We do not ship these internationally unless you use a USA based freight forwarding service.


Specification Sheet (LINK)
Owners Manual (LINK)
Warranty (LINK)

  • Flexible - Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations

  • Gives You More - You can use the full battery's capacity, discharging it 100%

  • Long-life - Even after discharging it completely 2000 times, 80% of the capacity remains.

  • Maintenance Free - No watering required, or cleaning of hazardous chemicals

  • High Efficiency - Giving you up to 12% more use-able stored energy

  • Smart Investment - Lower cost per watt-hour/cycle and longer lifespan than lead batteries

  • Safer - No thermal run-away issues as with other lithium technologies

  • Heavy Duty BMS - 100A of continuous discharging current (350A for 3 Seconds), 80A Max Charge Current, 60A recommend charge current

  • 7.5 Year Limited Warranty

    IMPORTANT:  Because of differences in their Battery Management Systems (BMS), V1 or V2 batteries should not be combined in the same battery bank with V3 versions, which includes the CHLX, without first talking with us.   We only sell the current V3 versions. If you need to expand your existing bank, depending on your configuration, we may be able to provide a solution.  Please email us.