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  • DIY-MODULAR Crimp Tool

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    NEW PRODUCT - After nearly three years of testing, 74 tools in total, both domestic & imported, CMI has finally developed an excellent quality, reasonably priced, controlled cycle ratcheting double-crimp frame with multiple modular die sets offered. The dies in this tool are as close to the AMP or Molex level tools as you'll find without jumping up $200.00 in price. Even at this price this tool beats tools costing 10X as much in crimp pull testing.

    Available Die Sets:

    *Double-Crimp Die Set - Crimps Yellow, Blue & Red insulated terminals (Not for heat shrink terminals)

    DHSD 8-22 - This die set crimps 8AWG to 22AWG heat shrink terminals

    MC4 - This die set crimps solar MC4 terminals

    BF Die Set - Crimps uninsulated 10AWG to 22AWG B or F type terminals as well as many Packard terminals.

    *Comes standard with the crimp-frame , no substitutions

    In testing of double crimp AMP PIDG terminals terminals this tool far exceeds all the available crimp pull standards, including the most stringent such as NASA, UL and MIL-T-7928 crimp pull standards.

    The machining and tolerances are excellent and this tool represents a tremendous value in modular crimping tool. makes a small margin on this tool and the savings are passed onto the readers. Every little bit helps keep a FREE web site.

    The DIY-Modular ships standard with a Red, Blue & Yellow double crimp die set and the others can be added to your order.

    Please don't be fooled by look-a-like knock off tools, sloppy die sets. Yes, this tool is imported, at the value I desired, it has to be. This tool is made in Taiwan not mainland China.


    • Long handle for ease of crimping & leverage
    • Index Finger Ratchet Release - In case you need to reorient mid crimp.
    • Adjustment Cam - For fine tuning for the various die sets
    • Hardened tool steel frame and pins and ratchet mechanism.
    • EZ-Squeeze Mechanism - Means less strength from you in order to do the work.