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DIY-HST - Heat Shrink Terminal Ratcheting Crimp Tool

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Effective 1/23/18 - On the last order, with our manufacturer, some changes were made to the DIY-HST tool. These changes were made in order to differentiate the CMI tool from a knock-off, the new red handles being the most obvious change. We've made other slight changes as well to prevent confusion between the Compass Marine DIY-HST tool and the knock-offs that don't perform the same.

Sadly, in the last year, we had two individuals try & return or exchange "look-a-like tools" claiming they "did not perform correctly". In neither of these cases were the tools purchased from Compass Marine Inc.. Some of the changes are only for us to know about, and other small tweaks customers may spot. With this large OEM order CMI was also able to meet and attain an OEM level discount thus reducing the price of this tool by over $8.00.

The Compass Marine DIY-HST Heat Shrink Terminal Crimp Tool:

This is an excellent quality DIY level controlled cycle ratcheting crimp tool specifically designed for Crimp'N Seal, 3M, Burndy, AMP, Ancor, Molex and other heat shrink terminals. 

Some retailers are selling a similar looking tool for $65.00 to $159.00.  Please don't be fooled by imitation mainland Chinese look-a-like knock offs that don't perform the same as this tool does. This tool is made in Taiwan not made in mainland China like the cheaper knock-off tools. An excellent value at less than $40.00!