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  • CMI Heavy Duty Alternator Adjuster Arm GRIP-IT Washer



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    Frustrated with thin washers that don't adequately grab the alternator belt adjustment arm because they're flimsy, too small or the wrong OD to provide the needed grip?  Frustrated with alternator belt and adjuster arm slippage?  Well, we were too, and the CMI Heavy Duty Adjuster Arm GRIP-IT Washer was born.

    To conquer the issue of adjuster arm slippage Compass Marine Inc. is manufacturing these custom machined GRIP-IT stainless steel washers for that no-slip, GRIP-IT bite on your alternator adjustment arm.

    We searched high and low for a suitable washer for alternator adjuster arms, and failed to find just the right one.  In the end we turned to custom machining for this part. Because these are made in small batches, by hand, and made of 304 SS the price is simply reflective of the material, process and quantities we manufacture at a given time. 

    Need a custom sized spacer, washer, shim etc. contact us and we can manufacture one to your specifications. Custom made one-off alternator spacers or bushings usually start at $45.00. Email for more info and custom spacer needs: compassmarineservices AT gmail DOT com


    MATERIAL = 304 Stainless Steel

    ID = Fits 5/16" or M8 Metric Adjusting Ear Bolts

    OD = 1"

    THICKNESS = 1/4"

    We can custom machine any size you need, just email us: compassmarineservices at gmail dot com