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CMI 1" to 2" Alternator Fit Kit

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Finding spacers for custom alternator installations can be tough. The CMI FK12D is intended to fit 1" foot alternators that have a 1/2" ID hole in the 1" foot. This kit will turn the 1" foot alternator into a 2" foot alternator.

The CMI FK12D will fit most 1" foot Motorola/Prestolite/Leece-Neville 8MR style alternators or the CMI-105-ER or CMI-90-ER alternators as well as many Delco based frames such as Balmar, Mark Grasser DC Solutions and more. This kit also includes the CMI RS2 reducing sleeve so it can be used with either a 3/8" pivot bolt or a 10mm pivot bolt. In some applications a Leece-Neville 8MR style frame may need to be shimmed forward and forward alignment can be tough. The CMI FK12D allows for an additional 1/8" of forward alignment when compared to the CMI FK12LN fit-kit.

Need a custom sized spacer, washer, shim etc. contact us and we can manufacture one to your specifications. Custom made one-off alternator spacers or bushings start at $65.00 (minimum custom machining charge). Email us for more info and custom spacer needs: compassmarineservices AT gmail DOT com

MATERIAL = Billet Machined Steel
ID = Fits 10mm  or 3/8" Pivot Bolts
OD Large End = 1"
Length Large End = 1"
OD Small End = 1/2"
Length Small End = 1"
Reducing Sleeve Length = 2"