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  • Blue Sea SoC Battery Monitor



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    M2 DC SoC Ah Counting State of Charge Monitor:

    This is one of my absolute favorite Ah counting battery monitors. Why? because it is one of the most accurate traditional Ah/Coulomb counters currently on the market.

    Blue Sea has taken the Ah counting SoC meter to the next level allowing for better accuracy when compared to other traditional Ah counters. Blue Sea spent years creating the SoC tracking algorithm and the 1830 utilizes tricks such as tracking resting voltages, during periods of 0.00A. This technique can compare the -Ah's measurement to a resting open circuit voltage in order to correct for typical Ah counting errors.

    It also has the capability to measure varying charge currents and change charge efficiency factors on the fly during recharge and discharge for a better charge efficiency and discharge efficiency as well as better SoC tracking. While not quite Balmar SmartGauge or SG200 accurate for SoC, it brings the accuracy of a traditional Ah counting battery monitor to a higher level than most.

    The screen of the Blue Sea 1830 is absolutely stunning and will add to the interior of your vessel. No more clicking between screes to see what you want as the 1830 can display it all. Please be aware that this meter does not come with connection wire.

    Accurately measure and monitor the state-of-charge of your batteries. Supports programmable shunt ratios.

    The Blue Sea Ah counter does not come with the wire to connect the display to the battery & shunt. You will need to source your own twisted pair, stranded/tinned, shielded wire.


    • Auto-dimming, bright OLED display is easy to read
    • Easy to adjust
    • 92dB alarm on all models
    • Isolated MOSFET relay
    • Meter: Current, Voltage & SOC %
    • Function: 8 to 70V to 5000A (500A with included shunt)
    • Alarms: High Current, High/Low Voltage, Low Battery
    • Display Size: 55mm x 28mm
    • Input Voltage: 7-70V DC
    • Maximum Power Consumption:1.00Watt
    • Minimum Power Consumption: 0.3 Watt