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Blue Sea 7610SI Automatic Combining Relay

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120 Amp SI-Series Automatic Charging Relay:

This is one of our favorite and most reliable marine electrical devices we sell. The 7610SI ACR can be used for charging two battery banks from one or more charging sources. For cruising boats simply feed all charge sources to the house bank and then place the ACR (Automatic Combining Relay) between the house bank & starting bank. The most basic installation is a simple three wire hook up and will work with solar, wind, alternator, shore charger or even hydro generators to charge two banks seamlessly and automatically.

The 7610 SI ACR also includes a trigger port called "SI" or "start isolation" which opens the relay or isolates the Start Bank from the House Bank when the starting button is depressed. Start Isolation is an especially handy feature for vessels with solar power and it can also be used for electric winches, bow thrusters or windlass motors.


  • Allows temporary isolation of house loads from engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics
  • Automatically combines battery banks during the charging cycle and isolates under discharge
  • 12/24 Volt auto ranging voltage input
  • Waterproof rated IP67 - temporary immersion for 30 minutes
  • Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
  • Remote LED output indicates relay state away from ACR
  • LED light indicates when batteries are combined
  • LED blinks in undervoltage lockout and starting lockout
  • Supports high-output alternators up to 120 Amperes
  • Included with the ADD A BATTERY Dual Circuit System
  • Automatically combines battery banks during the charging cycle and isolates under discharge
  • Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline-powered boats
  • Activates from any charging source - alternators, battery chargers, or solar panels
  • Hermetically sealed contacts / vaporproof
  • Side and bottom knockouts for power cable connections
  • Clip-on cover protects and insulates terminal connections
  • Tin-plated copper studs for maximum corrosion resistance
  • 7/8" (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals
  • 1/4" x 0.031" male quick connect terminals for ground and remote LED and starting interrupt