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After hundreds of requests for a high quality marine grade butyl-based bedding product, Bed-It Tape, which is a butyl based hybrid-elastomer, was finally born. Due to EPA regulations the old school butyl, used by boat-builders 30-40 years ago, is now long gone.

I attempted to find a tape, that could survive the long term in the marine environment & pass my rigorous testing procedures but it was not to be. In the end I had to develop my own hybrid formulation. After months and months of going back and forth with my lab we finally landed on a formulation that checked all the boxes and passed all the testing.

I ship Bed-It Tape in quantities of 1 to 4 rolls per box. Bed-It Tape is shipped USPS Priority and I can fit 4 rolls in the same box as 1 roll. This makes shipping pretty steep for a single roll so most customers order two rolls or more.

Each order of 1 to 4 rolls is $12.85 in USPS Priority shipping. If you want 8 rolls select a box of 4 from the top drop down menu and add this to your cart. Now order a second box with the remaining quantity you desire. If you order more than 4 rolls, without adding each four rolls to your cart, it will delay your order as I will need to collect more in shipping costs.

Bed-It Tape is light gray in color. The color is a light as I can make it without impacting the performance. The fillers needed to make it white or off-white destroy the performance characteristics of the product. Bed-It is specifically extruded at 1/16" thick and 1/2" wide and the roll is 50' in length. It is the perfect consistency, thickness & width for bedding deck hardware. 

Bed-It Tape is not what you'll get from an RV supplier at all. Thanks to my lab I was able to test and specifically tailor the formulation for a marine deck hardware application. Even though Bed-It is formulated for marine use the RV community has also discovered it. I find I am selling a lot of Bed-It Tape to the RV community as well.

All the proceeds from the sale of Bed-It Tape get rolled back into the free "How To" articles posted on this site.

Please be patient. I will ship as fast as I can and reply to inquiries as soon as possible. I want you to be a happy customer! Normally I ship out within 24 hours M-F and I even occasionally ship out on Saturdays.