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  • Bed-It Butyl Tape - Made in USA

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    After years of requests for a high quality marine grade butyl-based bedding product, Bed-It Tape, which is a butyl based hybrid-elastomer, was finally born. Due to EPA regulations the old school butyl tape, used by boat-builders 30-40 years ago, is now long gone. The current products did not perform like the old pre-EPA tape did.

    We attempted to find a tape, that could survive the long term in the marine environment, & pass our rigorous testing procedures, but it was not to be. In the end Compass Marine Inc. was forced to develop our own hybrid formulation. After months and months of going back and forth with our manufacturing lab we finally landed on a formulation that checked all the boxes and passed all of our testing.

    Bed-It Tape is light gray in color. The color is a light as we can make it without negatively impacting the performance. The fillers needed to make it white or off-white dramatically impact the performance characteristics of the product. We've tried no less than a dozen different white to off-white formulations and they simply don't meet our testing specifications. Bed-It is specifically extruded at 1/16" thick and 1/2" wide. Each roll is 50' in length and ships in a custom designed shipping/retail box designed to protect the product during shipping. Bed-It Tape is the perfect consistency, thickness & width for bedding deck hardware, because it was designed & formulated for specifically this purpose. 

    Bed-It Tape is not what you'll get from an RV supplier at all. Thanks to our excellent lab we were able to test and specifically tailor the formulation for a marine deck hardware application. Even though Bed-It Tape is formulated for marine use the RV community has also discovered Bed-It Tape. We find we are selling a lot of Bed-It Tape to the RV community as well, due to its superior formulation.

    All the proceeds from the sale of Bed-It Tape get rolled back into the free "How To" articles posted on this site.

    SHIPPING: We ship as fast as we can and reply to inquiries as soon as possible. We want you to be a happy customer so we ship all Bed-It Tape orders via USPS Priority Mail.. We normally ship out within 24 hours M-F and even occasionally ship out on a Saturday.

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