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  • Balmar Universal Belt Buddy- BBU

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    Balmars Universal Belt Buddy (BBU) can be used with many factory adjuster arms. The "L" shape on the end of the BBU grabs the end of your factory arm and adjusting the main bolt then adjusts belt tension.

    While the BBU unit is a "universal fit" product it may not fit all engines or engines with short adjusting slots. The BBU needs close to 1 3/8" of your arms slot length and quite often a shorter belt.

    IMPORTANT: Please see image section for accurate measurements before ordering.

    * The adjuster arm end must be no more than 1/4" from the end of the slot. The end of the arm can often be ground or cut shorter for a better fit.

    * The BBU utilizes 1 3/8" of exiting slot length

    * In many cases the BBU will require a shorter belt than you are currently using

    *Please measure carefully as there is a 15% restocking fee for fitment issues