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  • Balmar Universal Adjustment Arm - UAA

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    The Balmar UAA can be used whole or cut shorter to fit your specific installation needs.

    IMPORTANT: Please download the .pdf template below at print it at 100% scale. You will be best served to mock this up in cardboard, based on the template drawing, and pre-test the fit. The term "universal" does not grantee a fit on every engine. Returns due to "Does not fit my engine." may be subject to a 20% restocking fee (depending upon condition when we get it back here).
    Balmar UAA & UBB Universal Adjuster Arm - Printable Template (LINK)


    1/4" Thick

    1" Tall

    10" Long

    Four 3/8" Holes

    1/2" Adjuster Slot

    Powder Coated Steel