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  • Balmar SG200 Battery Monitor - *NEW ITEM*

    $239.00 $220.00
    The much awaited Balmar SG200 is finally here!
    (USA Shipments Only)

    This new expandable platform battery monitor & "Smart-Shunt" is a complete paradigm shift compared to traditional Ah counters. Best of all the new SG200 is future proof and extremely accurate for both LiFePO4 and lead acid batteries.

    It is strongly advised to order both the SG200 and the Bluetooth Gateway (see "Add a Bluetooth Gateway" above) which allows software updates and programming right from your phone or tablet.

    Learns & Displays All Critical Battery Parameters
    -SOC - State of Charge
    -SOH- State of Health
    -Charge/Discharge Current Flow
    -Time Remaining
    -History, Faults & Alerts

    Support for All Common Battery Chemistries & Voltages
    -Flooded Lead, AGM, TPPL AGM, Carbon Foam AGM, GEL & LiFePO4
    -12V to 48V Banks
    -Works With Battery Banks up to 1300Ah

    Self Calibrating / Learning Algorithm for Lifetime Accuracy
    -Typically 97% +/- Accurate Within a Few Deep Cycles
    -Auto Calibrating
    -Does not Lose Accuracy With Age

    Large Bright Color Display
    -Sunlight Readable, Configurable & Dimmable
    -60 Degree Viewing Angle
    -Fits in Standard 2 1/16" to 2 1/8" Gauge Hole

    Expandable Architecture
    -Supports Multiple Display (optional)
    -Supports Multiple Battery Banks (optional)
    -Standard Support for Two Banks (one is voltage only)
    -Easy to install Point to Point Network

    Optional Bluetooth Gateway (Recommended)
    -Free Android and iOS App (requires BT Gateway SG2-0300)
    -View All Parameters on Your Phone
    -Bluetooth Gateway Allows for Product Software Updates