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  • Balmar SG200 Battery Monitor - *NEW ITEM*

    $239.00 $220.00
    The much awaited Balmar SG200 is finally here!
    (USA Shipments Only)

    Compass Marine Inc./MarineHowTo.com have been Alpha testing the new SG200 for close to a year now and to say it is impressive would be an understatement. This new expandable platform battery monitor & "Smart-Shunt" is a complete paradigm shift compared to traditional Ah counters. Best of all the new SG200 is future proof and extremely accurate for both LiFePO4 and lead acid batteries.

    Learns & Displays All Critical Battery Parameters
    -SOC - State of Charge
    -SOH- State of Health
    -Charge/Discharge Current Flow
    -Time Remaining
    -History, Faults & Alerts

    Support for All Common Battery Chemistries & Voltages
    -Flooded Lead, AGM, TPPL AGM, Carbon Foam AGM, GEL & LiFePO4
    -12V to 48V Banks
    -Works With Battery Banks up to 1300Ah

    Self Calibrating / Learning Algorithm for Lifetime Accuracy
    -Typically 97% +/- Accurate Within a Few Deep Cycles
    -Auto Calibrating
    -Does not Lose Accuracy With Age

    Large Bright Color Display
    -Sunlight Readable, Configurable & Dimmable
    -60 Degree Viewing Angle
    -Fits in Standard 2 1/16" to 2 1/8" Gauge Hole

    Expandable Architecture
    -Supports Multiple Display (optional)
    -Supports Multiple Battery Banks (optional)
    -Standard Support for Two Banks (one is voltage only)
    -Easy to install Point to Point Network

    Optional Bluetooth Gateway
    -Free Android and iOS App (requires BT Gateway SG2-0300)
    -View All Parameters on Your Phone
    -Bluetooth Gateway Allows for Product Software Updates