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Balmar MC-TS-B Battery Temperature Sensor

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This is the Balmar Battery temperature sensor, MC-TS-B, for use with Max Charge or ARS series regulators and also with the Digital Duo Charge.
The use of charge equipment, that is temp compensated, to adjust voltage either up or down based on battery temperature is a requirement from all deep cycle batteries. Batteries are rated at 77-80F thus you can not charge a battery at the same absorption voltage when the battery is at 95F.  Without a temps sensor that battery would be getting over-charged. The use of a temp sensor can also shut down the regulator in the event of thermal runaway of the sensed battery.
The MC-TS-B battery temperature sensor bolts directly to the negative terminal of the battery and comes with 20 feet of wire. If your distance from regulator to battery is longer, it can be extended or shortened as necessary.