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  • Balmar MC-614H - High Performance External Alternator Regulator

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    The Balmar MC-614H - Features That Matter:

    The Balmar MC-614 is one of my favorite alternator regulators. Why? CUSTOM PROGRAMMING! There is almost nothing in the MC-614H that can't be tweaked and I strongly advise taking advantage of these excellent programming features.

    The Max Charge 614 replaces the venerable MC-612H. The 614 features an easier to program user interface, a faster processor and an all new adaptive alternator temp sensing circuit.

    Alternator Temp Sensing:

    When the optional alternator temp sensor is used the MC-614 will protect the alternator from over heating and the demand being placed on it.

    Other external regulators simply cut the alternator field output by 100%, when they are over heating. As such, competitors regulators will ping-pong back and forth off the high temperature limit;

    100% Output > Drop to 0% > Back to 100% > Drop to 0%, on and on and on

    This antiquated method of temp sensing digs into alternator performance and becomes very, very annoying. In contrast the MC-614's processor decreases alternator current in small increments until the optimum output is attained to maintain the temp at a safe level. As the alternator cools or accepted current drops off the output increases to maintain the highest output possible at all times.

    Dual Battery Bank Temp Sensing:

    With the optional battery temp sensor the MC-614 not just monitors the house bank for battery temp, but can also monitor your starting battery too.

    Belt Manager / Amp Manager:

    The Balmar regulators allow you to set the maximum field potential for current limiting the alternator to allow for better alternator cooling, longer alternator life or belt constraints. This is really one of the most useful features out there. For instance if you want to upgrade your alternator but can't afford the serpentine conversion right now, no problem buy that 165A alternator and simply reduce its output to handle your single 1/2" belt. When you finally install your pulley kit revert to a higher alternator output. Do want to maximize alternator life because you sail or venture far off the grid? No problem, buy the next size up alternator and reduce its maximum potential by 10% or 20%. Your alternator will barely break a sweat.

    Remote Voltage Sensing:

    The MC-614 features an additional non-current carrying positive remote voltage sensing wire so it can sense the actual delivered voltage at the batteries as opposed to the back of the alternator. When the regulator negative and regulator volt sense wires are fed directly to the bank being charged charging performance can be increased by 20%-40% or more when compared to self sensed alternators. The volt sense circuit allows the regulator to compensate for voltage drop between the back of the alternator and the battery bank.

    -Intelligent multi-stage regulation
    -Fully Programmable Including Custom Settings
    -Digital Numeric LED display
    -Epoxy Encapsulated Circuitry With no Fan
    -Includes 54 Inch Wiring Harness
    -Enough Field Current to Drive Twin Alternator Installations
    -Use with P-Type Externally Regulated Alternators
    -Small Engine Mode
    -Adaptive Temp Sensing
    -Belt Manager / Amperage Manager
    -Magnetic Programming Tool Included
    -Equalization Charge Capable
    -Optional Alternator & Battery Temp Sensors (MC-TS-A & MC-TS-B)

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