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Balmar 6-Series Alternator + MC-614 Yanmar Kit - Starting At:

$953.29 $851.00
Please specify your engine model, year, HP, v-belt width, serpentine belt type, & any other pertinent information to ensure a correct fit..


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If you have questions about fitment to your engine please contact Balmar before ordering. Balmar 1.360.435.6100

The Package

Whenever we can package Balmar products we can deliver a better value to our customers, for less money than buying the products individually. Such is the case with these Balmar 6-Series alternator packages. This package includes a 6-Series dual foot alternator, the top of the line MC-614H external regulator and both the alternator temp sensor (MC-TS-A) and the battery temp sensor (MC-TS-B). The savings when we package these items makes them a tremendous value.

The 6-Series alternators in these kits are what are referred to as a dual-foot mount (saddle mount) with a 3.15" inside diameter foot to foot. The outputs offered are: 70A, 100A, *120A selected via the drop down menu.

*Please be aware that a 120A alternator will not run on a single v-belt. The 6-Series 120A will require a serpentine pulley kit or a dual v-belt configuration. We strongly recommend a serpentine kit over a dual v-belt configuration.

  • Small Case Alternator w/ Isolated Ground
  • Yanmar Style Dual-Foot Mount
  • Externally Regulated
  • Patented SmartReady Emergency Internal Regulator
  • Certified USCG / ABYC Ignition Protection for use with Gas or Diesel Vessels
  • Dual Internal Fan Design for Better Cooling
  • Includes: 6-Series Alternator, MC-614 Regulator, Battery & Alternator Temp Sensors

Questions: compassmarineservices at gmail dot com