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  • Yanmar External Regulation Conversion Kit for Valeo Alternator

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    The Balmar Internal Smart Ready® Regulator Conversion Kit is for the Valeo 125A/12V alternators found on late model Yanmar Engines. Once converted, using this kit, your alternator will now be set up for external regulation and the use of an ARS-5H or MC-614H regulator.If it is a 24V alternator it will be ready for an MC-624H.

    This Kit includes the conversion regulation components for the Valeo 12V Alternator. This Balmar conversion kit works with these two Valeo alternators: 128990-77250 / SG10S078 (12 volt) and 129677-77250 (24 volt). 
    Installation is easy. Disconnect power to the engine or alternator before you start.  Remove the back cover from the alternator. Remove the existing internal regulator by unscrewing three screws. Replace it with the new one using the same three screws. Remove the brush retainer and replace it with the new brush cover.   Put back the new back cover using the original two screws.