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8MR Leece-Neville/Motorola Billet Machined 5/8" ID X 1/2" Belt Pulley



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8MR Motorola Frame Billet Machined High Performance Pulley

If you've already purchased, or already have an existing 8MR alternator, made by Leece-Neville/Motorola/Prestolite that has the odd-ball 5/8" alternator shaft, this billet machined pulley is what you're looking for. These pulleys are not manufactured in billet so we have them custom machined for us.

The factory available Leece-Neville pulley, is not only more expensive but it's also made of cheap stamped steel. As a result when the pulley heats up, due to belt load, it tends to expand and results in more belt slippage. In a car a stamped steel pulley may be fine, but under high demand loads they are a very poor choice.

This is a CMI pulley and will fit any 8MR alternator that has a 5/8" OD shaft with keyway.

Single V-Pulley-Billet Machined

ID - Fits 5/8" 8MR Shafts With Key

OD - 2 5/8" For good low RPM performance

BELT WIDTH - 1/2" or 13MM