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  • **SALE** CMI-80-ER - 80A Yanmar/Hitachi Alternator - Externally Regulated

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    IMPORTANT:  CMI Alternators are hand built and may require a 1 week lead time.

    The CMI-80-ER: 

    This is the first and only Hitachi/Yanmar case alternator I know of that is available & set up for external regulation. I started with the finest aftermarket parts I could source & then built this from the ground up as a better alternative to the stock Yanmar/Hitachi alternators. You will not find a better price on a Yanmar specific externally regulated entry level alternator.

    External Regulator: 
    If you select the drop down menu you will see that I can package this alternator with either a Balmar MC-614H or ARS-5H regulator. I recommend setting the Belt Manager feature to level three or four when setting up the regulator. It is also mandatory that an alternator temp sensor be used. I only recommend using Balmar regulators with this alternator.

    CMI-80-ER Specifications:

    This is not a cheaply built re-badged automotive alternator with a dumb internal regulator. This is an Yanmar fit, dual foot, externally regulated 80A alternator intended to replace the Yanmar / Hitachi LR180 series, and other Hitachi's, found on many small Yanmar marine engines.

    I worked with my suppliers for many months to source the right parts, test them, and ensure the finished product could perform at the price point we desired. Some of the components tested for this alternator failed in less than an hour at full output.

    This Hitachi cased alternator is hand assembled in the USA to Compass Marine's stringent specifications. This ensures a quality product at a fair price. Yes some of the components in the CMI-80-ER are made overseas but the best performing components available were used.

    This CMI-80-ER fills the gap between a true high performance alternator (see our other alternator offerings) and the factory alternator. It was designed to meet a price and performance niche not available to boaters previously. This is considered a medium/light duty alternator intended for smaller banks that just need healthier charging profile. This alternator is not really intended to drive massive AGM banks, massive flooded banks or massive GEL banks. See the other alternator offerings for this type of use.


    The CMI-80-ER comes standard with a tachometer output wire (stator tap) for Yanmar diesels that run the tachometer sense off the alternator. Not all Yanmar engines drive the tachometer from the alternator, but some do. The CMI-80-ER is set up for external regulation only. It has no internal regulator. The vertical plug of the "T" connection is the FIELD terminal to be driven by an external regulator. The cross of the "T" plug is not used.

    Special features:

    • Built to fit to Yanmar engines that use a 3.15" saddle mount alternator.
    • 80A rated, with good high idle performance.
    • Machine wound stator of 14GA top quality magnet wire means better cooling and higher temperature tolerance.
    • Precision machined rotor and slip rings for greater contact at all RPM.
    • Tighter tolerance of stator/rotor gap for better performance. The specs are better than the very expensive Hitachi branded alternators..
    • Rotor is precision balanced to .035 ounce inches. Industry norm is .050 - .090. This means smoother operation and less harmonics.
    • Upgraded higher performance diodes.
    • Brushes are high copper content not run of the mill carbon brushes. This yields superior conductivity and considerably longer brush life.
    • Ready to accept an external regulator (Balmar regulators are recomended).
    • 1/2" / 13mm Single V-Pulley - 3/8" / 10mm pulley available upon request
    • Billet machined pulley not cheap stamped steel.
    • Isolated ground for steel or aluminum boats or for using a shunt in the negative path..
    • Hand assembled in the USA (Note: some internal components are non US made but carefully chosen)