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  • **NEW ITEM** Lithionics 125Ah LiFePO4


    We list them as out of stock but they are in-stock. Lithionics batteries are sold on a consult basis only. Please contact us for applicability.
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    NOTE: Shipping runs about $90.00 to $140.00 each for the lower 48. Alaska and Hawaii are more. We do not ship these internationally

    With drop-in style LiFePO4 batteries gaining in popularity, and our customers asking us for them on a near daily basis, we examined nearly every drop-in LFP battery option available for our customers over a 13 month period. Hands down the Lithioncs 12V125A-G31-5CND-LRB was the clear winner on every front. This is a 125Ah G-31 (actually 1/2" shorter than a typical 13" long G-31) format battery that is capable of engine cranking and includes a Bluetooth Interface. It is also made here in the USA (with the exception of the prismatic LiFePO4 cells). The internal construction of this battery is the best we've seen including massively thick nickel plated busbars and the proprietary Lithionics NEVERDIE® BMS which is designed and built here, in the USA. The battery even features an ON/OFF switch for storage, and for use during hook up to minimize errors and arcing during installation. Another unique feature of the NEVERDIE® BMS offers Power Reserve. This means the battery will self protect, at a safe level, but for an emergency you can re-boot it and have emergency level energy available.

    Lithionics is the only drop-in battery we know of that can furnish a test data sheet that includes test data for every cell in the battery! The cell matching and performance testing of each cell is a pivotal part of a Lithionics battery. Where competitors simply pull cells out of a bin, insert them into the battery, and cross their fingers they match well, Lithionics does not build batteries this way.

    Downloadable Documents:
    Lithionics G-31 Specification Sheet (LINK)

    Bluetooth Guide (LINK)
    125 AMP HOURS
    PULSE AMPS: 1000 (1 SEC)
    NOMINAL VOLTAGE: 12.8 Volts

    miniBMS® Cell/Module Sensors and Microprocessors with Automatic Cell Balancing
    NeverDie® Power Reserve (Spare Fuel) for Hotel Loads and Worry-Free Power for Engine Cranking
    Over-Charge, Over-Discharge and Short-Circuit Protection (LVC, HVC, SCC)
    Push Button Storage Operation
    Bluetooth®: Monitor Battery Voltage, State-of-Charge, Temperature, Current & Status Code remotely from your mobile device. Free download on Google Play & Apple App Store

    Charging temperature range: 32 to 113 Fahrenheit
    Charge voltage: 14.6±0.1V
    Recommended float charge voltage: 13.4±0.1V
    Recommended charge current: ≤50A
    Allowed max charge current: 100A with starting temp of 77°F (25°C)
    Discharging temperature range: -4 to 131 Fahrenheit
    Output Voltage Range: 10.0~14.6V
    Recommended discharge current: ≤80A
    Max discharge current: 100A with starting temp of 77°F (25°C)
    Pulse discharge current:<1000A for 1s max with starting temp of 77°F (25°C)
    Discharge cut-off voltage: 11.2±0.1V
    Mechanical characteristics:
    Length: 12.5in (318mm)
    Width: 6.5in (165mm)
    Height: 8.46in (215mm)
    Weight: 33.4lbs (15.1Kg)
    Storage Temperature & Humidity Range:
    < 1 Month -4~95°F (-20~35°C), 45~75%RH
    < 3 Months 14~86°F (-10~30°C), 45~75%RH
    Recommended storage:
    59~95°F (15~35°C),45%RH~75%RH
    Self-discharge rate: Residual capacity ≤3% per month; ≤15% per year
    Reversible capacity ≤1.5%per month; ≤8% per year
    Long Term Storage:
    If the battery needs to be stored for > 3 months the voltage should be 13.2V (50%SOC), and stored at the recommended storage specifications shown above. The battery needs at least one charge & discharge cycle every six months.
    *Lead times vary as these batteries are build to order. Typically 3-4 weeks is what to expect before shipment.