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    The Sterling ProCharge Ultra 12V Digital Marine Battery Chargers:

    • 10A $209.99
    • 20A $234.99
    • 30A $289.99
    • 40A $314.99
    • 50A $398.99
    • 60A $449.99

    This charger can run on any global AC Power source between 90-260 volts, requires less input power, produces less waste heat, and still has a remarkably small footprint and is lightweight. It has 11 pre-programmed charging curves as well as one user defined battery charging profile. Check the real time voltage or current output on the digital display or on the optional remote control that can be either surface, recess, or flush mounted over 30 feet away from the battery charger..

    The Sterling ProCharge Ultra was awarded Sail Magazine's 2011 Pittman Innovation Award in the Systems Category. It is one of the most advanced boat battery chargers on the market.

    Features include:

    • Global Input Power - The Sterling ProCharge Ultra 1220 marine battery charger will operate anywhere in the world! By design, this battery charger will operate with an a/c input of 90-260 volts (40-80 Hz) automatically.
    • 11 Pre-programmed battery charge curves, including LiFePO4, GEL, AGM, Calcium, & Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.
    • One custom, user programmable battery charge profile. Can be set from the charger, no need for a computer.
    • Four Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by ensuring a full charge & conditioning, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.
    • One common negative, three positive battery posts allows the user to charge 1, 2 or 3 battery banks to accommodate almost any boat.
    • Two Digital Meters displaying real time current and voltage measurements.
    • One power meter showing % of charger capacity being used as well as power capacity remaining.
    • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) up to 0.99pf, ensuring efficient power conversion, increasing efficiency by nearly 40% 
      over non-PFC battery chargers.
    • Additionally, new synchronized rectification output increases the efficiency of this charger up to 10% over traditional chargers.
    • Equaalization Profile or de-sulfation cycle for customers with Lifeline AGM or flooded lead acid batteries.
    • Low activity, stand-by mode to increase battery life.
    • Digital Microprocessor Controlled High Voltage Protection System (Primary) & emergency backup analog high voltage trip (Secondary)
    • Constructed of non-ferrous metals and marine grade materials. Lightweight, Compact footprint for easy installation.
    • Tested to and Complies with UL1236 Marine standards. Designed and built to ABYC-31 standards.
    • 32 LED Information Panel, internal scan and systems check & battery temperature sensor included.
    • Remote port for optional remote control w/ 10 meter cable. Remote can be surface, flush, or recess mounted.