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  • Pro-DCT Double Crimp Tool

    $59.70 $48.00


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    After nearly three years of testing, 63 tools in total both domestic & imported, I have finally developed an excellent quality controlled cycle parallel action ratcheting double-crimp tool & double crimp die. The dies in this tool are as close to the AMP tools as could be sourced without jumping up $200.00 in price. 

    The machining and tolerances are excellent and this tool represents a tremendous value in a double-crimping tool. I make a small margin, for the web site, on this tool and pass it onto my readers at a very competitive price. Every little bit helps keep a FREE site.

    Some US companies also import this crimp frame, with their logo & dies & sell it for $265.00 - $440.00. I sell it readers of for $69.70 and have done all the leg work to ensure you are getting a tool that actually makes a good crimp for yellow red and blue insulated terminals.

    Please don't be fooled by mainland Chinese look-a-like knock offs, with horribly sloppy dies. They will not perform the same as this tool does. Yes, this tool is imported, at the value I desired, it has to be. This tool is made in Taiwan not made in mainland China like the cheaper poor crimping tools do. You'll not find a better double crimping tool for the money and certainly won't find a quality vertical-action tool at this price or quality point, I know I bought & tested 63 of them...


    • Locking Handle - Prevents the tool from opening in your tool bag.
    • Ratchet Release - In case you need to reorient mid crimp.
    • Adjustment Cam - For fine tuning (I recommend not using this unless you need to).
    • Vertical-Action - Jaws come togher in a parallel fashion to limit terminal orientation issues.
    • EZ-Squeeze Mechanism - Crimp mechanism that means less pressure from you in order to do the work.

    Well Machined Tolerances
    The crimp nests hold the terminals similarly to my $600.00 & $1200.00 AMP tools, with little to no slop.

    The Pro-DCT (DCT = Double Crimp Tool) is as close to vertical-action as you'll find at a sub $300.00 price point. Vertical-action means the jaws come together evenly, like a guillotine, and don't distort or "roll" your terminal off center in the jaws. Vertical-action a very nice feature to have, especially at this price level.